Music Fun Studio

Time Monday Wednesday Thursday
All Level Practice All Level Practice
4:15 Voice Level 1 age 5-7 Level 5
Level 1 age 5-7 Level 1 age 8-11 Level 6
5:45 Level 2 Level 5 All Levels Practice
6:30 Adult Level 1 - Ages 12+ Level 4
All Level Practice
7:15 Voice Level 1 - Ages 12+
All Level Practice
Adult Level 1 - Ages 12+

9:00 AM
Level 1 Ages 8-11
9:45 AM Level 2
10:30 AM All Levels Practice
11:15 AM Adult Level 1 - Ages12+
12:00 PM Adult Level 9+
12:45 PM Level 1 Ages 8-11

  1. Have Fun! 😊🙌👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Respect each other. 

  3. Be considerate. 

New Piano Lab Details, new location inside Sandra Dee’s, 

1618 Mason Road, Katy, TX 77450

(Behind CVS on the corner of Highland Knolls and Mason Road.)

What this opportunity brings more opportunities to:

 -Experience what a group ensemble lesson is like. 

 -Increase the rhythm of playing with others.

 -Collaboration with others.

 -Collaboration allows an easier quicker transition to band or orchestra.

 -Be involved with other students with interests and create more performance opportunities. 

  1. Schedule - I do my best to accommodate scheduling. Please be considerate and give at least 24 hours in advance if not going to attend a lesson. I understand sickness happens and accommodate a lesson if possible. No make-ups as you can attend another class at the same level or all-level practice to ensure assignments are accomplished.

  2. Payment - Payment is rendered in advance. A free audition for transfer students to evaluate their level. Simply attend an All-Level Practice session and let Alecia know you are attending.

  3. Books/Music - Students may print their music or bring a device to have them digitally. Music is required at every lesson for improvement. Voice students are required to have a device to record for practice. Assignments will be online portal as well.

  4. Pics/Recordings - Accomplishment at each level is celebrated. We love to capture that moment with pictures and videos. Please let me know in advance if you do not want it shared on the business social media. Feel free to share your recordings in the portal!

  5. Recitals/Performances are shared when the opportunity arises. Typically opportunities are twice a year and more often with local membership with Katy Music Teacher Association. 


Team/Group/Ensemble - 45 minutes 

All lessons include the opportunity to have 4-5 lessons in a month. Choose any day you want each week, 1 class per week. First come first serve. Schedule in advance which class will attend. They can be on different days as long as it’s the same level class. Once a week is best to be consistent in improving skills. If there is no time for your level that week, visit an all-level practice session. 2 are included with lessons.

$45 times 4= $180 Monthly

$45 weekly 

$5 discount for 2 or more in a family. 

Private lessons - 45 minutes for level 5 and above. Audition is required for transfer students. 

$55 times 4= $220 Monthly

$55 weekly 

All Level Practice - 2 times included per month with lessons. First come first serve. This is a guided practice and opportunity where students can play with each other at different levels. Come find a partner to play a duet or ensemble. Join to figure out those tough questions and don't feel stuck till your next class time! No excuses to join a practice session to accomplish your goals! 

First come, first serve, sign up in advance to be in an All-Level Practice session. Ask for the price if no level time is available.

First-Time/Transfer/Audition Students

First-time students are welcome for free for the first time as they will audition for which level to join. Visit an All Level Practice Time to assess level.

Training Opportunities

Levels 5 and above have the opportunity to teach the Pre-1 and Level 1 students. First, three months of observation to transition to more guiding and teaching roles as comfortable. Ask for availability and pricing.

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A $1 payment sets you up in our billing system. Your first charge will happen on the first week of the month. Let me know if you prefer a specific day to be charged and will invoice accordingly. Also, let me know if you prefer to pay weekly.

Future lesson assignments will be logged inside too! More opportunities to upload recordings for feedback too.