Music Fun Studio

Alecia Stringer is a professional music educator with a deep love for the joy and fun of learning and growing through music. Alecia graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. Since she began teaching piano back in 1999, she has taught in several states including Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee. 

At the age of eight, after walking past a piano player in the mall, Alecia was inspired to begin playing and studying piano herself. She continued her musical studies throughout her school years and into adulthood, eventually deciding to pursue a career in music. While living in Arkansas, she directed performances and concerts and successfully prepared students for all-state choir auditions and performances. She also created and organized a piano/keyboard program, which she used to teach keyboard classes. 

Alecia uses a teaching method that is a unique, innovative, and enjoyable way for students of all ages to learn. This method helps students achieve goals faster: learning note reading, consistent counting, and growing one's skills through creative exercises in each lesson. Alecia finds it exciting and rewarding to introduce a beginner to music and take him or her all the way through the advanced level if they so desire.  

As an educator. Alecia's highest value lies in helping others find their passion for music and to have fun while learning and improving. Any opportunity to enhance and expand other life skills, such as communication, patience, confidence, and joy, is also rewarding and is helpful to students' overall growth. 

Establishing goals, whether large or small, is an essential part of the learning process for any student. Alecia loves to get to know and understand her students, learning what songs and genres they enjoy and what they would like to accomplish in their lessons. Together, teacher and student will set achievable, measurable goals, with a clear understanding of what should be accomplished weekly, how long each goal will take to achieve, and the steps needed to get there. 

Along the way, Alecia keeps her students motivated by incorporating rewards after each milestone is achieved. Accomplishments can be celebrated with certificates, trophies, and opportunities to record and/or perform the songs that have been mastered. Teachers and students can also enjoy a 'music appreciation' portion of the lesson, sharing their favorite songs with each other as yet another way to find the fun in learning to play.  

Alecia looks forward to helping you or your child to achieve your musical goals, and to have fun along the journey!